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2014... What A Season


Man it was a wild ride this season.

It didn’t end how we wrote it up, but these things happen. Since our loss against the Seahawks, we have kept our heads up and we continue to move forward. Yeah, we were down on ourselves for a little while there, but you got to snap out of it. You can’t put that loss on any one person, it was a team effort through and through. We got each other’s backs as a team. It still stings, but we are only using that as motivation for next season.

Since I was coming off my rookie season, I knew a little more about what to expect. I felt well adjusted to the pace of play in this league and of course, it was nice not being the new guy anymore. We have a good group of guys. Love this Pack squad and am excited to see the new additions to the team after the upcoming draft. 

Looking back on 2014, I gotta count my blessings. A lot of good things went down this season and I am grateful for everything. I was able to hook my parents up with a new house. They deserve nothing but the best and I am glad that I was able to give back to them after everything they have done for me. I told them that there better be some crawfish waiting for me whenever I come over lol.

Eddie Lacy Green Bay Packers 2014 Season Review

I’ve gotten some good relaxing time with the family and old friends lately. The season gets busy and we aren’t able to spend much time together, but it was nice to get down to Louisiana, and out of the cold, to spend some quality time with them. Man, I’ve missed the food down here, can’t beat momma’s home cooking either!

I had a few standout games this season of over a hundred yards rushing and I owe those to the guys up front blocking for me. My receiving production increased as well, you’re welcome A-Rod. Always happy to catch a pass from Aaron and turn up field to run over a few defenders. I even thought they were going to move me to WR in that Saints game lol.

But I also had a few games I’m not so proud of but making sure I watch those game tapes so I can keep improving. I had fun this season, but a SB ring would have been the real deal, I know ya’ll out there are thinking the same thing. We wanted to bring that trophy back to Pack Nation but looking to get after it next season and increase my production across the board. 

Can’t imagine playing in a home game anywhere other than Lambeau. Ya’ll are some crazy fans, braving that weather and all, while staying as loud as you do. I don’t know how ya’ll do it, but I’m glad you do. But man, it gets cold out there. What’s the secret lol? Still trying to figure that out.

Anyways much love and respect to you guys, I will keep the blogs coming. 

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