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OTAs Recap


OTAs were definitely productive. Our team was pretty good last year, but this year we want to go all the way. We have everyone back plus some new guys who are talented, so we can definitely go far this year. The transition is pretty significant from OTAs to training camp. Once you put pads on, it’s a lot harder because you’re not just tagging off. You can’t just slide by, so we get to see who is physical and who isn’t.

The entire offseason program is always productive. It gives us a chance to dive into the playbook, learn the plays and get comfortable with the plays. Then you get a chance to break off and settle down, enjoy yourself and get ready for training camp. Between OTAs and training camp, I plan on chillin haha. I’m going to go home, hang out with my family a bit (probably for about a week or so), and then get back to training. You get a few days off, but you don’t want to take too much time off because it’s a quick turnaround. These five weeks fly by and you want to be ready to go.

For the older guys, the last day of OTAs feels like the last day of school. But it’s important for us veterans to stick around, just in case the younger guys have any questions about the playbook and the schemes.

The offensive line definitely has a chance to be special this year. These guys are ready to go and they’re going to come out and prove themselves. They’re tough, they don’t back down from anybody and they’ve been playing together for a while now. The chemistry is already in place, so they definitely have a chance to be dangerous this season. The o-line has had to play through significant injuries. Their toughness has set a tone for the entire team, and hopefully that tone plays to our advantage this year. I can’t wait to go to battle with these guys.

One thing that I’ve learned about training camp is you don’t want to beat yourself up over the 5 week span. It’s a long season, and you don’t want to get to game 10 or 11 and feel like you’re dying. I’ve learned how to pace myself, work out, eat right and just get myself in the best shape possible. You want to start the season off fast, but you also want to stay healthy. By the end of the season, you want to be in the best shape possible, because come time for the super bowl, you want to be able to play on the highest level.

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