Green Bay Packers Need Eddie Lacy To Offset Effect Of Jordy Nelson’s Injury | Eddie Lacy

Green Bay Packers Need Eddie Lacy To Offset Effect Of Jordy Nelson’s Injury


Unfortunately, Jordy will be out for the season. As a team, we will have to step it up to make up for his absence. We got to keep pushing each game and he will be on the sideline the whole way, coaching and helping anyway he can. 



The loss of Jordy Nelson was a pretty gigantic blow to the Green Bay Packers’ offense.

The big-bodied receiver blew up on the scene in 2011 and quickly became Aaron Rodgers’ go-to playmaker, so losing him definitely stings in a big way. Fortunately for the Packers, they’ve been proactive with re-stocking their receiving weapons, so even though Nelson’s absence hits the team hard, they’ve got the potential to handle it.

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For all the attention put on the receivers, I really think the big key to keeping the offense rolling will be Eddie Lacy. I think him stepping up his game will be the real X-factor.

Unless Davante Adams is going to single-handedly replace Nelson’s production on his own, which I don’t think will be the case, I believe recouping those stats will take a group effort. Between Adams, Ty Montgomery, Jeff Janis and even Richard Rodgers, I think they’ll all have a piece of the 1,500-yard, 13-touchdown pie they’ll need to contribute. Rodgers has a cannon for an arm and can put the ball almost anywhere he wants, so I expect it’ll be much easier on those four to produce than normal. I don’t really think there will be a problem on that end.

But the monkey wrench in that plan is none of those players scare defenses like Nelson does. The Packers could always just counter that with numbers and spread the defense out, but you don’t really want to limit yourself like that formation-wise. Pretty soon, defensive coordinators will figure out how to defend it, and you don’t want to have to figure that kind of thing out on the fly.

That’s where I think Lacy will really make the difference. I think the dynamic of the Packers’ offense will have to shift more towards Lacy than has been the case so far. The passing game always sort of set the stage for him, but now I think Lacy’s going to have to help set it for the younger receivers. Undoubtedly, he was going to be a big part of the offense already, but now I think his importance is even more critical to the team. Now he’s going to have to be the wrinkle teams plan against.

Lacy really blossomed as an all-around threat last season, so he certainly is capable of doing the necessary damage. If he can make that happen on his own, and I think he will, I expect the Packers’ offense to be just fine even without Nelson out there. It’ll be interesting to see them operate differently than the way the league is used to seeing. But heaven help the NFL if Adams really is as good as Green Bay thinks he is — just imagine how crazy that would be.



By Doug Green | | August 25, 2015



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