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Green Bay Packers: 5 Keys for the 2015 NFL Season


The Green Bay Packers have lost Jordy Nelson for the season due to a torn ACL and they almost lost Randall Cobb to a shoulder injury. It appears that Cobb will start, but Green Bay has still taken a major hit from just a few weeks ago when they were considered the favorites to win Super Bowl 50. As the 2015 regular NFL season approaches, what five keys are there for the Packers to succeeding and living up to the Super Bowl hype that they have been given all offseason?

Aaron Rodgers is still healthy and ready to lead the Packers into the 2015 season, which makes them a contender no matter who gets hurt. He is the NFL's best quarterback and is going to be asked to prove that with a big season to power his team towards their Super Bowl goals.

Looking ahead at the upcoming season, there are some things that Green Bay will have to do in order to succeed as much as the media is expecting them to. Even after the Nelson injury, there is no reason to believe that the Packers' offense will falter much and even less reason to believe that they will fall in the standings.

Get geared up for the Season!

Obviously, the Seattle Seahawks are going to be major contenders for the NFC title once again in 2015. They have made quite a few improvements to their roster although there is some unhappiness in their organization about contracts. That being said, the Packers won't have many other teams threatening to beat them out if they play up to the talent that they still have.

What five keys can be given for the 2015 Packers' regular season?

5. Jeff Janis and Ty Montgomery Must Step Up
Both of the young receivers that Green Bay has on their roster are more than capable of stepping up and playing a big role during the 2015 season. Janis especially has the type of body and size to help replace Nelson, while Montgomery is viewed as a potential playmaker and a bigger version of Cobb. Those two players are going to be major keys moving forward for the Packers and they are more than capable of being playmakers if Green Bay needs them.

4. The Pass Rush Must Step Up
One of the biggest needs for the Packers this season is on the defensive side of the football. Julius Peppers and Clay Matthews are two of the best pass rushers in the NFL and they desperately need their pass rush to step up and fluster opposing quarterbacks. If they can get a couple takeaways each game, there won't be many teams that can defeat them.

3. Young Secondary Must Perform with Consistency
Green Bay suffered a huge blow when Tramon Williams and Davon House left town in free agency and it hurt their secondary in a big way. They are hoping to replace them with rookies Damarious Randall and Quinten Rollins, but that puts the defense in a very difficult place. Consistency can be an issue with young players, but the secondary has to figure out a way to play consistently all season long.

2. Eddie Lacy Must Shoulder a Big Offensive Load
Perhaps the number one piece that the Packers can help replace Nelson with is star running back Eddie Lacy. He is going to be looking at more carries this season and will have to step up and shoulder more of the load to help take pressure off of Rodgers and the aerial attack. Lacy is one of the most underrated running backs in the NFL and should come through with a monstrous season.

1. Aaron Rodgers Must Put Up MVP Numbers Again
Needless to say, Rodgers is the main driving force behind Green Bay's offense and he can make players better around him. Green Bay needs him to put up another MVP caliber season if they want any chance at winning a Super Bowl. He is more than capable of putting those numbers up and it will be interesting to watch him as he looks to assume even more of a leadership role as well.



By Evan Massey | | August 30, 2015



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